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canada goose jackets Do women carry a shopping gene? Do men have a territorial imperative when it comes to the remote? Becker took what he learned and wrote Defending the Caveman, an insightful, enlightening and hilarious two hour monologue explaining the anthropological reasons for the quirks that occur in the male female dynamic. He tried out the show on the road in the early ’90s, including a long stint at the Addison Improv, and ended up taking Caveman to Broadway. He’s now performed it for more than 2 million people in the United States and Canada, and there are offshoot productions on the boards in Iceland and South Africa.

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This is a great article. You are wise to mention how the child may interpret certain things we say. We can easily leave the wrong impression with them. All honesty, I think when you try a bourbon for the first time you should taste it at bottle strength and see what you think. Add a little water to open the bourbon and get into some of the deeper nuances (particularly handy with high proof or cask strength bourbons). If you enjoyed the result, feel free to try a little ice the next time, eventually, you find your sweet spot.

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click here This should not be notable. Moore just took a half mile ride in a six seat shuttle, one of several that run in a loop between her office in downtown Detroit and the garage where she parks her car. But on that sunny June day, she and her colleagues at real estate company Bedrock also did something quietly remarkable.

It ain’t a fashion contest out there. For money, split your cash up take a small amount in a wallet for everyday use, and leave the rest in your room, if it looks secure. If not, stow it somewhere in your daypack, or even in a money belt. Dan Lebatard had some good comments. Incognito is a thug. He was a thug at Nebraska, St. They made mistakes. They had their personal flaws. But they had one quality in common: They all had a clear vision of this city future and they took bold action to bring their vision closer to fruition.. However, he was screwed over by a business partner and lost a lot of money. This was the downfall of my fun, playful dad, and the birth of my scary, alcoholic, rage laden dad. He was a really bad alcoholic for all of my late childhood into my earlier twenties.

It is your lack of understanding of the Constitution that worry me about what the public education is teaching in our schools. As a first generation immigrant to Amereica,how is it that I have a better unsestanding of US history and the Constitution than most people born here. Your rants are telling.

It only took Jake a couple of days to warm up to us. It seemed like he knew that we were not going to hurt him. We had removed his collar to let the damage around his neck heal. Bridenstine remarks are the first time that NASA has shared a total cost estimate for its moon program, which is called Artemis (after the Greek goddess of the moon) and could send people to the lunar surface for the first time in half a century. NASA wants that mission to include two astronauts: A man and the first ever woman to walk on the moon. Learning to live and work on another world, Bridenstine said, will prepare them for NASA long term mission: to putpeople on Marsfor the first time in human history..

A photographer finds just the right spot in Duluth along Lake Superior to photograph a rising Full Moon. The flattened shape of the Moon is caused by the layer of denser air closer to the horizon refracting or bending the bottom half of the Moon more strongly than the thinner air along the top limb. In effect, refraction the bottom half of the Moon upward into the top to give it a squashed appearance.