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cheap jerseys Like most others, we remain convinced that the only remedy is a comprehensive reform of the Security Council, involving expansion in its permanent and non permanent categories,” he said.Bayyapu said that since performance assessment has become one of the focus areas at the United Nations, the Security Council too needs to prove its credibility and improve its performance.The annual report continues to be a statistical compilation of events, a bland summary and listing of meetings and outcome documents even though the membership of the General Assembly has repeatedly requested the Council that the annual report be more analytical and incisive rather than a mere narration of the meetings of the 15 nation organ of the UN, he said.”The debate on the annual report has become a ritual and a formality in a long list of formalities. There is a need to reinvigorate this interaction between the cheap america jerseys most representative organ of the United Nations and its most empowered brethren,” he said.He stressed that the annual report of the Security Council must inform, highlight and analyse the measures that it has decided upon or taken to maintain international peace and security during the reporting period.Bayyapu also voiced concern that the report was not only lacking in substance but is submitted late in the year, almost towards the last quarter of the next year due to which it does not generate the attention needed for a proper discussion.”This needs to be rectified. There should be definite timelines for completing the report, circulating to wider GA members and holding the debate earlier not towards the close of the session,” he said.The 74th session of the General Assembly will begin next week and the annual high level session will begin soon thereafter.Bayyapu expressed disappointment that the annual report of the Security Council is short of analysis on authentic sports jerseys cheap the UN peacekeeping operations, the flagship inexpensive nfl jerseys tool for the maintenance of international peace and security.. cheap jerseys

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cheap nfl jerseys May their soul rest in peace,” the Air Force said in another tweet.The IAF on June 11, eight days after the aircraft went missing, had announced that it had found parts of the its wreckage around 16 kilometres north ofLipo in Arunachal Pradesh.Search and rescue operations had been hampered due to the difficult terrain and inclement weather. A 15 member team of rescuers was airlifted close to the crash site on June 12 to look for possible survivors.The nine personnel from IAF’s mountaineering team, four from the Army and two civilian mountaineers were dispatched a day after the wreckage of the aircraft was located by an IAF Mi 17 helicopter at a height of 12,000 feet near Gatte village on the border of Siang and Shi Yomi districts in Arunachal Pradesh following an eight day long, multi agency search.The area is thickly forested and has been receiving heavy rains since the last three days.On June 3, the aircraft had gone missing hours after it took off from Jorhat, Assam for Menchuka Advance Landing Ground (ALG) in Arunachal Pradesh.The IAF had confirmed in a tweet that the aircraft was airborne on June 3 at 12.25 pm. The aircraft was last in contact with the ground agencies at 1.00 pm cheap nfl jerseys.